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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On lifestyle, diet & health.

Setelah mendapat wake up call recently, b.p naik 3 weeks after starting work at the new place, i'm making small changes in my diet n lifestyle.
I started running at the park after work when i can. And i plan to register at the campus gym once i start shift early june - should have time to exercise during the 1.5hr break. Less time eating, more time moving.
Even registered for the company global shape up program, just so that i can use the apps and tracking tools :p

Did some research..and got to know some food that are good and now i try to consume them more than before - ulam2an esp certain specific ulam,cincau, taugeh, epal hijau, celery...etc.
Trying to avoid salty n oily good, red meat, junk food and even cutting down on my!
Its quite a torture every i go to the pantry to take water..and even worse when others at the office bring in coffee - which they do a lot, considering the long working hours.
No more coffee or milo for bfast or tea..trying to take high fibre, low g.i, low sodium food for bfast and snacks..
should start brownbagging healthy snacks and lunch to work..but havent got all the set up yet.
Need to go groceries shopping soon!
Discovered some infos on DASH diet - will use that as reference..

For now, i try to opt for brown rice when i eat at the cafe, drink lots of water sampai pegi toilet every hour , no cafeinated drinks, and take the healthiest lauk there is which is difficult - most of the protein are cooked in oily salty dishes...will hv to make do for now.

Weird thing is..i've tried brown rice before and stopped after only a few meals.
But the brown rice here is actually quite good. Dan mengenyangkan very fast.
Ke psikologi?
Sbb takut? Huhu.

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