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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello new place!

Genap seminggu kerja di tempat baru.
Suprisingly, took me a week to post an entry on it.
Ok, first week observation and impression.

This place is so demm programmed! Everything has a system, a work procedure, a support link.Almost everything is applied/done online.
On my first day of work, the only manual form i filled up was the form at the security guard to enter the premise.

Then from that point on, i had this link on the portal that shows the step to settle down as a new hire.
From applying for laptop to all the different accounts for all the apps and system, and also updating my personal info record - everything is done online.
When necessary I would contact the pic through office communicator (chat) and get instructions through that..
Requested a laptop on monday and by thursday I was already told to collect the pc, which was the only time I got to meet a person outside my team - aside from the receptionist and the guards. Haha.

A list of trainings to complete by this week..but I am not required to even leave the office.
Training also online!
Either by powerpoint or video.
feww..itu ngantok!

Still trying to understand the instruction for some of the settings on the new laptop.
Derr...previous place any pon just complain to it team pastu all settled!

Other than that..teammates are all friendly. Meeting new ppl everyday as its on shift. So dok rotate2. As for me am still normal hours so this is the time to meet everyone la.
There are 2 japanese colleagues - one female and one male.
Too bad..sudah kawen daa yg male tu pon.
Dua2 kawen ngan malaysian..
yg mamat tu, dah x mcm jepun, dgn bermisai berjanggut nye.
so malaysian hehe. In general the place is a multicultural environment, typical mnc company.

Work culture?
True, very casual as in there's no problem coming in a few minutes late. Lunch or break time is flexi, even to run errands like going to the banks, etc. As long as your hours are sufficient for the day.
shift staffs need to take turns taking breaks tho

hours tracking is done systematically.
No ngelat2 haha. Else, cannot bill customers properly.
The products here is time (=service) so thats very logical.

Superb facilities.
The multipurpose hall consist of a kids nursery, hall, gym etc.

There are break rooms everywhere with coffee machines for taking drinks or eat lunch.
yet, i dont see people loitering around taking breaks in groups.
i guess, ppl can be disciplined if they are given the chance to practice it  :)
A good point to ponder.

Its just that..everything is so systematic, i dont even get to meet HR! For all i know the hr person cud be somewhere else!
updated n applied everything online..a demm lot to register and set up. And sometimes i do wish there's a real person that i'm dealing with. like yesterday when it took me two hours to install printer..followed the s.o.p but my laptop smhow cudnt detect thr network printer. Had to contact helpdesk who were very helpful..but well, some things can be easier done in person :) Traffic is a bit bad going back home..but still ok on normal days. But took me an hour today coming to work instead of half an hour because there was an accident on SILK. And its quite nice having my nephew to layan at home. Maybe will be staying with them longer. Better if can get a home that i can settle down terus..not another transit. More importantly..i feel nervous again That feeling i havent felt for quite a bit back there n then. From the things i observe and hear, its very performance based. No seniority basis. Gotta work and gain your positions. Nervous yes. In a good way. Its back to surviving again.

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