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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diet again!

Just finished reading kezin zahri ebooks thanx bestie ku yam! Sipi2inak purchase skali ade org baik hati share.

For the first time i actually calculated my BMR, DCR semua..
so setelah set target nak lost berapa kg dlm masa berapa lama, i actually got it on paper how much calories deficit i need.
deficit: berapa byk calorie intake to reduce or output to add from my DCR.

Cut the long story short, for a start i'm targeting at loosing 10kgs in 3 months = 77000calories = deficit of 864 cal/ day.
This is either by diet, exercise or combo.

Combo is how coach kevin recommends it.
So i'll target to cut 550 from diet, and about 350 of exercise.
With that, i can still eat around 1800 cal. Yeah its not that bad.
Lgpon i dont want to fall into another crash diet trap.
350cal of exercise is however difficult..wish i had bought that bike. For now, its only walking.
with moderate pace, i need an hour a day!wah!

Diet wise, as i've already started on healthy breakfast since last week, i just need to tackle on my dinner and sweets intake.
No no more cooking 'comfort food' for dinner and more vegy & nuts!
even fruits hv to be controlled as they are high on sugar.


P/s: good to know that black coffee without sugar is 0 cal! As thats the way i'm enjoying my coffee lately anyway  :p

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