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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Seyes stress.
so xde mood nak wat any plans.
its one of those weekends i just wanna stay home. Cook,sleep, eat, watch books.

But i'm stuck in my room.
The house is crowded.
i dont mind makcik2 n kids..but when ade men around, i feel restricted.
stuck in my own room. Yg panas and kecik and well, crowded.

And i'm hungry.
baru je kuarkan stuff from the fridge td, nak masak la konon mcm xde lelaki pon, naik kejap tuptup sampai another troop, and ade lelaki.
nak masak kat dapur panas tu dgn bertudung?
forget it.
and there's no place nearby that i can lepak n eat in peace alone. Not here.
But am so not in the mood to drive 50kms to get to a place that i can do that, and spend like 30bucks on not so hearthy meal anyway.
If only i hv someone i can just call n ask out for a meal, window shopping or movies.
Which is why it wud be nice if i can just stay home.

Jahat ke aku for feeling this way?
I'm just having a bad time and i need me time in my own place, where i can terbaring ke  terbongkang ke like i please.

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