sitting, waiting and wishing

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year.

Memories are but life history.
Praying hard for another year of extended health, prosperety and the ultimate happiness.

Looking fwd for a new job, new healthier me in all senses, new friends, to fly, walk and see new places. To learn swimming so i can explore new things. To get rid of fear of heights so there's no limit to where i can go and what i can do.

Untuk lebih bahagia dan membahagiakan.
To seek more of His approval and less of others. To learn and live.

To be myself and try my best to enjoy life, no matter alone or with companies.
To see the good things in life and laugh at the bad stuffs.

To get up no matter how hard i fall. To never look back again and stop being mellow and sentimental.

2013, game on!

7:35 PM

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