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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Double yey!

went to see a friend, bought yen for him and got bettet rates than money changers.
yest.rate in money changers was 3.45~3.5. But he gave me 3.35.
Untungla jugak sbb tukar byk gak. Yey!

Another yey, since he's currently in malaysia and his apartment kat tokyo xde org when i'm there, he offered me to stay at his place.
its a service mansion so senang je no keys whatever but security code. so semalam terus dia ajar camne nak masuk rumah, the pin number and all.

ok if its somebody else maybe rase pelik n i'll probably pass, but well under the circumstances plus its in japan and its someone i've known pretty well, so i guess ok je.
kebetulan mmg xde book mane2 hotel lg..dan mmg ikut plan asal nak carik tpt budget2 jek.
So ni dpt dok service mansion 150000yen sebulan, kat area ginza lagik. Haha.

errrr...need to remind myself to bring a bed sheet or blanket je lah kot.

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