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Friday, December 14, 2012


Weekend starts now!
packing up for a roadtrip with girlfriends to north - for a friend's wedding in perlis!
we're taking off before subuh tomorrow, hopefully to get there before noon.
will be staying in kuala perlis for a night then taking off to langkawi on sunday!
It will be a brief stay in langkawi, just one night before heading back south on monday - maybe a little detour in penang on the way?
craving for penang delicacies!

A repeat trip to singapore early jan is already in plan, also a long overdue trip to cameron highlands hopefully also early next year..and i also already hv a few possible dates for a trip back to japan!

A rough plan of kl-tokyo-hokkaido-gunma-tokyo-kl plan is actually already in my head (and on paper!) with a little budget plan, and its actually quite feasible - it wud be nice to do it during the cny hols, just take a few days extra. That way i can utilize the 5 days weekend.

The good thing is i still hv friends in tokyo and gunma so i can save on hotel budget there. Only hv to find a place to sleep in for a few days while in hokkaido-maybe in sapporo or otaru. Owh...coincidently the cny hol timing coincides with the annual 雪祭り!thats the world famous snow festival.
Where better to go layan my crave for snow than hokkaido?

Hopefully next week news will enable me to execute the plan..worst to worst i'll maybe just do tokyo+gunma and find a cold place nearer(=cheaper) than hokkaido  :)

Ameen mudah2an plan menjadik!

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