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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New year hope.

5 days weekend.
not in much holiday mood.
cant wait to move on to 2013 and kick butts.

By monday, am gonna hv the newly revised cv ready based on the latest salary, and set to send applications out beginning monday. Already promised a few ppl to email them soonest i can.

Really cant wait to be called for interviews etc.
Will take whatever comes first...and figure it out from there. I cant stay in this bitterness of mind which will never go away as long as i'm seeing these ppl at work here.

Target to leave latest by March...setelkan japan vacation first, but most importantly before i get too confortable and start to forgive and forget.

I have this thing repeating in my i'll write my exit email.
it will surely start with ' I feel great today.....'
unlike the cliche goody2 they always write.
That is a little motivation.

Its not like i need to keep any more good image here anyway.
If the least i can do is give them a stir, so the next time they wanna implicate people just to save their a**, they'll maybe think twice, then maybe thats better than doing nothing.

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