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Friday, November 23, 2012

Skipping time!

Pejam celik pejam celik dah nak masuk bln 12!
Pastu masuk tahun baru!

Masuk je january mesti complicated..the part of getting a year older is fine. But it always reminds me how static and 'the same' i've been.tetiap tahun berangan dan berdoa supaya next year akan berlaku sesuatu itu..tetiap tahun berharap supaya x perlu nak rase complicated mcm mane nak go through hari menjadi tua setahun..tetiap tahun membayangkan tahun depan mungkin lebih 'meriah'..
It is just a day, but it reminds me that the clock is ticking and i am still the same.

But its happening again in 2 months and i'm again dragging that moment.

Last year was quite upsetting in the beginning..spending the morning n noon alone wandering about kl. Luckily got some unplanned companies for the evening...which i truly cherished.
My birthday wish was to wake up not alone on my next birthday, I was quite determined to achieve that!
which obviously is not gonna happen anyway..unless my life turned dramatically like drama! No, totally impossible!
i wish i can just skip that day.

Maybe i should just do that. Skip the day and skip this place.

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