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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Running for life.

Baing dissapointed about work sucks, even worse when i cant channel the stress and anger anywhere else.

I need to find sthg new to do, sthg new to focus, sthg new to work on.
I do things with passion, so for once how about a little passion for myself.

And not just for now, but in a long 'run'.

I have a pair of good (expensive!)running shoes, so why not?

I've been wanting to run but kept saying my knee hurts. Maybe it will just in the beginning. As long as i be careful, and know how to not overdo it, think i'll be fine.
Maybe running will even make my knee better.
so i gotta just do it.
Found a few sites thats good as references...and decided to start right away.

Did my first one today. Just a 3km walk, for week 1.
After that i will set a few interval of few minutes of running that will increase over the first..say maybe 6 weeks.

Target to be able to run 30 minutes straight by end of december, then i will run based on distance, starting with 5km and so on.

Anyway, felt good abt today's walk.
my phone went out of battery so i failed to time it, but it was definetely 3km (maybe more), i marked the route before, the last time i planned to run but never did.

Who knows i might be running marathons next year?

P/ s: hope to loose a few pounds along the way too..since dieting dont seem to work.

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