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Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday blues.

Kerja tu tanggungjawab, so wajib ikhlas barulah jadi ibadah.

So i'm trying very hard not to care about the injustice i'm facing and work like i'm happy about it.
It's just hard to not to care cos i normally do too much.
The hardest thing to overcome is the disappointment of being underappreciated and the lack of movement and prospect.
Although leaving is an option, its not sthg that could happen immediately pon..bosan tau bosan.

Tensen camni, lg org buat baik lg rase cam nak nangis. Lg org buat hal lagi rase cam nak lempang.
Ckp pon rase mcm nak sarkastik je, last2 baek fiam.

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