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Monday, November 19, 2012

End of the weekend.

Back from the trip to tanah aina eco resort, bentong.
ingat nak terus semangat edit n upload gamba, but too tired terus pengsan dr pkl 6 sampai laaa dkt midnight, dgn badan yg sedikit sakit2, muscle tekejut tetiba kot akibat byk berhiking turun naik bukit dalam masa sehari tu.
Dah malam n too tired to do anything anyway..lapa pon malas nak layan dah, missing the time in tanah where food was all taken care of - and good food!
Esok isnin la tapi...back to work yg x best.

I had a talk with myself sambil berendam dlm sungai pagi tadi abt work n life. I'll wait n see what happens untill december ends. If it doesnt show anymore interesting progress than now, i'll take that as a cue to leave.
If i cant get work satisfaction, i might as well go for money, somewhere else, cos i'm not getting enuff of that here either.

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