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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Doctor's appointment.

Hari ni dpt call dari member - dietition kat ppum (ralat:bukan hukm). Dia tanye isnin ni bleh dtg x? Dia dah refer to their breastfeeding unit and they ask to come for counseling session. -to answer all my questions n uncertainities, and also for them to their part of the job - explaining me the process, method, side effects etc.

Ape yg aku tau melalu will involve me taking a pill. Hormone pill yg trick the body to think that it is expecting a baby..thus menggalakkan penghasilan b.m mcm wanita shud be assisted by physical massage and simulation as well..kalau ade baby, lagi bagus. time wise, it could take as short as 2 weeks and up to 2 months! YaAllah permudahkanlah.

And based on what i read jugak, taking the pills cud cause physical and emotional distress and imbalance as well..cepat penat, nausea etc..mcm org mabuk.
Ya Allah..xleh imagine. But am trying not to freak out first...

Remember farah...go with the flow.

P/ s: dunno yet nak gi ppum pagi ke petang...cuti x byk, so kalau bleh nak amek 1/2 day jek.
Lgpon nanti mesti kena amek cuti lagi  :p


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