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Monday, September 24, 2012

The cool aunty.

I love babies, i love kids.
and while masih belum ada rezeki utk dipanggil 'ibu', Alhamdulillah ada seorg anak buah dan beberapa org anak buah 'angkat' yg buleh dimanja dan dispoil sama.

The good thing about being an auntie, is i get to spoil them whenever and however i want. I get to say yes to whatever they say, and be known as the cool aunty.
and amazingly i never feel annoyed at the tantrums. Never have to worry abt spoiling them.
They hv their parents already worrying 24/7 if they are having too much sweets or tv and lately, ipad or tab.
so i get to be the aunty who can give them that.
Senang citer, i just cant say no  :)

Being the cool aunty is the closest i can get to them at the moment. The joy when a kid knows/calls me by name or kiss me bye2  after a meeting is the closest i can feel.

Holding my nephew or any of the other kids closely, it crosses my mind everytime, what if this was my own?
wud i feel any more love & joy than that?
Because if being the parents makes one feel warmer and greater and more worried than that, what i can feel now is probably just a friction of it.

Wud there be a day that i get to be more than the cool aunty?

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