sitting, waiting and wishing

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Its 2.35pm and i haven't been out of the room for the day. At all. I need to eat, i need a cooler space, i need to iron work uniforms..but i've been locked up in the room since i went to bed last night.

I'm sorry i dont feel comfortable doing all my chores around the house in all the havoc and chaos.
Serious am wishing for my space right now.
and i'm hungry. Supposed to go for another open house today but am putting off the idea cos i've got nothing to wear that doesnt need ironing..and the iron is downstairs.

Its hot in the room. And i'm so hungry i can eat a horse. I cant watch another season of grey's anatomy in this heat and feeling this hungry.
And i'm feeling bad for feeling this. I sound like a bad person feeling like this.

2:43 PM

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