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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sedih dan sensitif.
Ade benda kalau dah teringin sgt tp sendiri x mampu nak buat or dptkan mmg cpt je mengundang sebak bile org lain buat@dapat..

Not talking abt benda2 besar mcm kawen ke dpt baby ke, yg tu smhow ok je to genuinely share the excitement.

But simple random things that i just cant do on my own..simply awkward to do alone or maybe not brave enuff or just simply scared to do.
Apparantly my courage has its limit.

I know there are pros n cons of being single or married. I love my freedom and all. But i envy ppl who go home everyday to have the company of loved ones. Kids especially.
More and more..being single and not having anyone who care enuff abt u to walk with u when u want to do the one thing that u're scared of but just long to do..just sucks.

As always, i'm always the big sister, and the ctr  pillar to lean on.
I pose a smile each time tho i'm lousy at it just so ppl wont say i'm unfriendly.
No one really notice that this pillar is smtimes falling.

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