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Monday, September 10, 2012


Rase sgt beremosi dah masuk hari ke 4.
Ade sweet friends yg tanye what the issue is and i'm truly grateful.
But i cant say and & i cant tell as i'm struggling with myself to make this go away.
Its just sthg that i've been wanting to do for as long as maybe 2-3 years, just cudnt get to it..finally almost made it few months ago when some friends volunteered but had to cancel at the vr2 last minute because of work.
I've talked abt it to almost everyone that are close..some small talk and random promises and plans here and there but plans never come to actually happen.
Its just my habit of taking sthg so seriously when others are maybe saying them casually.
And saying it outloud again now only sounds even more pathetic.
Thats why for now i'm trying to keep it...its not good to make others feel obliged to please me. I know everyone have their own personal, more important stuff to handle.
I'm supposed to be able to handle this myself and just do everything on my own.
But this whole thing of trying to memujuk myself and clear my conscience is just eating me up..but hopefully will be over soon.

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