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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raya break coming to an end..

The long raya break is coming to its end tomorrow..
As always, i so drag going back. Although its becoming a bit lemau here at home..hehehe.

This 'dragging' feeling is a bit complicated this time..going back to the office on monday means everything is back to bussiness. Masa bertenang is over..if things remain as i left them before the break, i will get the letter soon. And everything will be real. And there will be no turning back.

I will start everything new..meeting ppl, making friends, making good friends, building that social circle again. Things i'm not really good at.,
Not to mention feeling insecure abt the new challenges waiting. But thats why i went with it in the first that i believe i'll figure out somehow, in time.

But mainly, i will be leaving so many ppl close at heart..maybe a few more special than the rest.
Those special ppl who made things seem ok when they're not, ppl that made me happy just by being around. Good friends. Ok maybe i'm just going away a couple hundred miles and we cud keep in touch..but still  :(

but keeping in touch is not always easy, not with certain ppl. for some its difficult to find the excuse to keep them in the contact list. And it sucks when i'm not ready to let this person go yet. Though i did say that i have.
And apart from being colleagues that we are now, what other excuses wud i have then when we aren't anymore?
And will it finally end with us going on the silent game?

I do believe that with every deed comes consequences.
And that hijrah requires sacrifice.
And these consequences is breaking me down now.

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