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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

urutan bayi

Sekarang ni suka gugel2 baca2 pasal baby..menambahkan ilmu pengetahuan utk masa hadapan.
I hv a folder of bookmarked websites titled 'adoption' and 'parenting' on my pc. Maybe shud do the same on my phone  :)

Just sthg i found today that i thot is interesting.

Kat batchmail skrg tgh trending pasal confinement, it all started when one of our pregnant friends sent an email asking for recommended confinement ladies a.k.a mcm mak bidan or tukang urut lps bersalin kan...there goes now ade one long list of them! Mmg useful utk expecting moms. I know i can korek the list latet if i ever need them.

But in the thread, ade jugak advises on how to care newborn babies..the stuff yg rase mcm tau tp actually x tau selagi xde experience sendiri..
One doctor friend tells us that she massaged her baby daughter for half n hour everyday after bath..
So i googled 'urutan bayi' and found this!

Good to know.

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