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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

another solo roadtrip.

I'm suddenly addicted to driving smwhere just so i get to be elsewhere than that lonely home.
At least sambil berwiken kalu sesorg pon leh lepas gian tangkap gamba, tgk tpt org..and owh exercise!
Of cos kalau ade teman lg bestttt tp under the circumstances where its normally random and ppl normally already hv their commited weekend schedule, solo weekending is way better than staying in either eating too much-when i cook, because i dunno how to cook for one. Or not eating - when i dont cook, cos i cant stand the awkwardness of eating alone, and eating out around here one is bound to bump into people she knows..then the classic  "sorg je ke??!" Bleh buat ilang mood makan!
The only place i can lepak alone is the bookstore n starbucks.

So ehemmm...sedar2 je i'm actually already broasing for my next destination.right now i miss snorkeling. Gi pangkor x amek island hopping@snorkeling trip pon cos i know pangkor x cantek pon for saving it for sthg nice.

Next, tioman or perhentian.
Priority perhentian sbb xnah gi.
Which maybe shall take some time sbb jauh n all..

So soon first, maybe going 'up' dulu?
Manela tau gayat ni cuma ilusi jek ke.. :)

P/s: wiken ni looking fwd nak jumpe bffs n the kids... tp terase nak shooting nature gak so tgh survey2 sungai or air terjun best utk pergi!

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