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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

experimental - midnight chocolate cake!

Made my first chocolate-cheese cake,topped with mousse-like chocolate ganache last night. I'm gonna call this 'midnight chocolate cake'!

*sin3ce i whipped it up around midnight lol!*

I've been meaning to make a less dense cake - sthg moist but not too heavy. Which is difficult since most moist chocolate cakes are also demae. And i also want sthg thats rich and can remind people of some mainstream taste like secret recipe etc, but i'm to lazy to mke more layers  :)

The recipe i adapted from the internet passed with flying colors! BUT, the mechanisme of de-moulding the cake left me with smudged sides. Sigh. Gotta figure out a better way of doing it...

Meanwhile, i'm on sugar rush!

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