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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dugaan kerja.

This year marks my 6th year working where i am now..there were ups n downs. But why do i go to the extra length of staying back,working weekends and stuff esp when i started doing 'projects' 3++ years ago?

Cos i love the job. The condition may not always be sweet, i may have this love-hate relationship with my boss, but commitment is sthg i take great pride in.

And the company (tru the bosses i guess) seems to be acknowledging that fact, Alhamdulillah so far.

But this 6th year marks the most challenging year. The new project is somewhat somehow a bit kelam kabut then the but the main issue,my new boss.

There's history of ppl resigning because of him,esp.the girls. Maybe guys are more 'durable' somehow. Telinga tahan,hati pon kuar.

Senang ckp up to a point sampai aku fobia taknak jumpe dia kat opis,takut nak repot. Nak share problem keha,x ckp masa ke ape ke toksah ckpla.

Things got worse after blk from umrah..2 weeks of keja tertangguh sbb xde contingency plan. Keja tu slowly piled up,then clash ngan very important d/line yg mmg sama sumer org.

So end up i had to work siang malam to cover back. Literally i guess that's what i had been doing. Keja sampai 3-4 pagi. Plg awal pon midnight br balik. Sorg2 pulak tu lg la rase nak giler. Up to a point seyes rase nak jerit je. Almost mcm fahan camne org leh histeria. Seb baek iman masih kuat.

But despite all that,i think i put tru, tahan tiap2 hari,tiap2 wiken yg kena keja tu dgn harapan one day maybe ade boss lain take over ke. Worst case pon after setel dwg tgh tahun maybe kurang sket issue.

And then comes yesterday, finally we were briefed on the so called rnd transformation plan.

All hopes crashed. I got transfered to a group i'm not that familiar with, and under him.

Of all people,i was aming the unluckiest few ppl.

How cool is that. Rasenye i cried more yesterday than i had for the past few years kot.

Duduk opis trying to work tp nangis je. Mata sket2 basah. Org tanye dah mkn belum pon aku nangis. Org dtg tanye pasal the new grps on naik sebak.

Rase cam kena buang, kena campak kat tpt yg sumer org taknak.

Ade sikit nyesal tak jumpe ngan dgm pasal benda ni before the restructuring. Maybe kalau aku jumpe dia leh arrange kan aku tpt now? Kalau jumpe pon what will happen?

sape yg nak swap tpt pon? Nanti buat sakit hati org lain je plak..

Separuh hati cam dah redha..camni kalu mmg kena cr keja lain.sbb mmg dah xleh keja kalau situation camni sbb under the restructuring, it simply means i'd be stuck under him forever.

Tp separuh hati lg sayang sgt. Aku tahan 6years build up career, akhirnya tewas jugak berenti sbb seorg manusia?

Tpt ni dah jd life..the friends esp. N byk lg benda aku nak blaja n go tru kat sini.

Bila dah desperate dan bersungguh mencari,mmg dlm minggu ni ade a few calls. Next week dah set interview kat jb. Then ade satu kat n9 under consideration. Then ptg td ade satu kat klang called...

Tp still...if leh lari drpd grp skrg seyes dptla keja mane takat gaji lebih seribu pon aku sanggup reject lg.

Tp masalhnye i'm so hopeless but nak jumpe big boss story problem ni.

Komfem banjir abes. Penah je last week cuba nak citer kat sorg boss ni. Br citer satu bab dah sebak last2 kansel.

..sememangnye yg org ckp keja la camne susah nak dpt boss yg appreciate n sanggup back tu adelah susah tu, terbukti benar.

Unless u know how to suck up the correct people. Pahit tp benar.

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