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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the bestfriend type?

many years ago, back in the uni, maybe during our 1st year. the guys in our batch were playing a game.
among us ( the girls in the batch), which and which wud they prefer to be their - gf/wife/bestfriend/sister/sister in law.
and well, i was apparantly the favourite to be the 'bestfriend'. not that i was suprised.
actually we played it too, stating which guy we wud prefer to be out bf/husband/bestfriend/brother and so on.

funny thing is, even now after so many years, this thing still come to haunt me, for a couple of times now.
it's almost as if guys cant see me as a potential partner material but more like a convenient friend of the opposite sex. its ok most of the times, but really i'm just buffled.

maybe i am a bestfriend material. as if i need so many of them guys as bestfriends.

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