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Sunday, March 25, 2012

happy saturday - part 1

After a stressful week at work, the weekend is really sthg i was looking forward to.
i did not plan to just stay home. 

woke up SUPER early on saturday, sbb tertido on friday noght when i was supposed to bake cupcakes for a colleague. heh..
friday was super tiring and emotional at work, tu pasalla lps isya' sudah pengsan. thot i cud wake up later but ended up, around 5 baru bangun. 
so i baked the cupcakes, finished frosting them around 7am..did the laundry, kemas2 mandi2..left the house around 9.30. sent the cakes and then i was on the way to putrajaya.

met with pali the organizer of this program kebajikan that i planned to tag along..not sure what i was supposed to do, but well i've got my camera so the least i cud do is, take pictures lah.

we dropped by a mydin store to buy bottled drinks, and then off we go to the venue of program - a futsal   arena in sg merab area, where the kids from Tahfiz Maahad Anak Yatim Darul Fuqaha were already waiting ( and joyfully playing!!)
the program that day was basically just to let the kids play futsal for 2 hours. these are very cheerful and talented kids! seyes! some played with just their barefoot, some with socks while some others are maybe luckier to have snickers on.
watching them really reminded me of my brother.. you know how sensitive i get when we get to that haha.

besides me and pali, there were a few other 'adults', mostly friends of pali, there that day just to give our support at what Pali was doing. me personally, its just sthg i have imagined for so long of doing, finally getting the chance of doing it.
the guys also played futsal with teh kids - mmg komfem pancit dan kena buli!
i just watched from the side, taking photos occasionally.

futsal ended aroound 2pm..then we followed them to their maahad.
by the time we got there it was already near 3pm. since i didnt have dinner the previous night and i also skipped breakfast, my stomach was already growling like mad. logically, even without skipping dinner, a normal person wud already be very hungry around that time. especially kids.
but these kids, after playing round and round of futsal - were still very patient and did not complain at all! Subhanallah...sgt well behaved. they first went to the surau for Zuhur berjemaah...errr i was quite 'blurred' with some of the guys yg taknak amek the chance to join the kids, instead saying they will singgah some masjid later.

for lunch we bought them kfc - something maybe these kids dont get to eat that often.
they lined up holding 'dulang' patiently. we cud hear instructions from the attending ustaz here and then, and the kids always follow the instructions..

they had to wait untill everyone got their share and then sat together on the cold floor to eat together. 
this is how it is everyday.

it was quite a moment..observing them eating. it was a simple meal, just kfc and nasi goreng/nasi putih but to these kids i know it's sthg special. according to Pal the first time he came, the kids were having dinner and what they were having as lauk were heartbreaking to see...

so the volunteers, memula malu2 nak makan. but the ustaz insisted. so after making sure that the kids all are ok and kenyang, kami pon menjamah lah.perut ku yg asalnye sgt lapar pon jadi kenyang time tu, makan cukup syarat sbg menghormati pelawaan ustaz tu.

semuanya setel at around 4pm, sebelum bersurai Pal as kepala program sampaikan rehal kayu kepada wakil2 adik2 tu. mudah2an dgn sumbangan tu dpt memudahkan lagi pembelajaran adik2.
balance of cash donation will be used to buy some sports. stuff.

i hvnt had sthg personal like this to shoot..bosan dgn weddings and so on. this is sthg new and very rewarding emotionally.

at the game.

abang2 ( ke pakcik2?) volunteers

lining up for the food :p

sgt sabar menanti!
sumbangan rehal ~

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