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Friday, November 18, 2011

perang dingin tamat ~

..well last few weeks i got in this messy drama with my boss at work it pushed me to work like an insane robot, and brought me to a stage where i actually really updated my c.v during the long break and started applying for jobs - for the first time after so many years..maybe i was just too emotional, but i was serious pissed off it got me to start planning for the way out. plus the extra factor of wanting desperately to be more 'economically stable', plus the temptation of not having to face that guy who broke my heart to pieces, not for pushing me away, but for being so heartless. its messy i dont think we cud even be friends. there will never be closure with this guy, since he's the ' run away' type. who will let some other ppl do the job for him rather than facing the issue himself. the type that wudnt mind at all loosing a friendship as long as it gives him his piece of mind. never mind, if thats what he wants. it sucks now but i'm sure it'll pass.

ehh ermm this is not supposed to be abt him!

its abt my boss. after the 'incident', we were sort of in a cold war. well, sort of, ermm i cud be stubborn when i'm mad haha. the whole time that i did all my work, avoiding unnecessary contacts or conversations. i dont even talk or speak unless i really needed to. actually what i do to ppl when i'm mad at them anyway. haha. he must hv known that i was mad, for good reason ok, for a while i think he sort of just leave me alone, leaving me just go on with my work in peace. mmg sgt aman damai wat keja x kena kacau.

ehh..for the record aku x dendam pon, tp bengang x abes. take time sket. ikut hati mmg malas nak friendly2 ngan boss dah, tp masuk this week boss cam dah lupa plak yg kami tgh perang dingin. aiseh. jumpe kat luar pon siap tegur. pastu kat opis dah wat cam biase. tho aku maintain kurang bercakap gak.

skali tu hari ni after work tgh dok gossip2 ngan one colleague, leh plak dtg dok sebelah, buat2 tanye sape dok bkt sentosa.."nak dtg umah saya besok? ada makan2 sket.." ramai2 org situ, leh plak dtg kat aku. haha~
akak yg lg sorg tu mmg bukan dok sentosa pon so ekcelinya dia nak invite sape ekcelinya ni?
boss2, main taktik kotor! x jadik i nak marah lama2 ~
action yg aku dah dan nak amek after what happened, is another story tho. itu mmg harus diteruskan. sori boss.

see..kan dah ckp. x dendam pon, cuma nyampah jek. aku mmg bukan jenis simpan lama, kdg2 tak payah org tu say the 'magic word' pon, if he or she tunjuk effort to make up, all ice cud usually melt into water immediately. berjaga-jaga utk kemudian hari mungkin, tp nak marah selama-lamanya tu, aku sendiri bukan manusia yg perfect, amat jauh dr perfect anyway.
ada org yg still bleh put up dgn aku nye pe'el dan craps, so others deserve the same from me too i guess.

kecuali bila betul2 sakit dan kecewa...itu mungkin akan dalam kesannya, dan ambil masa bertahun utk kembali..

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