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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Layla Yasmine, latest addition to the flower girls team :p

took my own sweet time on saturday to come home for the aidiladha break, one of the reason was finishing orders of cakes. another reason was i wanted to meet some ppl along the way. left home around 1pm, but singgah sana sini, ended up in putrajaya at around 4pm. made an impromptu meet up with an ex-colleague + the wife and their little girl. hehe..actually if it was just the colleague, x jumpe pon xpe kot. but i' ve been wanted to see husna (the wife) and zuyyin(the little girl!) since forever, now zuyyin nak dpt adik dah pon~
it was just a brief meeting over late lunch ( ok really late lunch~) but i'm glad i got to see them.
then afterwards, on to my main plain. meeting the new born 2 day-old baby girl of bestfriend, cikyam. owh yes its another girl! little ayra no.2 in the house yo!
hehe..the name is Layla Yasmine. so sweet kan. as sweet as the baby. so bulat, so fair, so comel :p
after wan nor alia, baby of another bestie, amal. this is another one i get to pamper ~

*siap tersasul-sasul sebut nama alia time main2 dgn baby layla. lol~*

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