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Saturday, October 22, 2011

the whatever cake.

*update: memula cam sayang nak cut the cake. tp last2 tak tahan sedar tak makan ape selain roti french toast pagi td.
the verdict? very moist flavorful cake. i'll be making this next week, using hershey's cocoa like the recipe says, am sure it will even more delicious!

its a quiet weekend. housemate will be gone for hajj abt 50 days from today, tho she only leaves for Makkah next thursday.
it suddenly feels very2 quiet.
woke up realizing i hv'nt made any plans for the weekend. did the usual stuff, washing, ironing, cooked brunch. and by 11am, am already bored. so took out my baking stuff and started whipping up a chocolate cake. trying a new recipe from one of the books i bought at the BBW sale. and then frosted it with my favourite cream cheese frosting, practicing for next week hantaran cake for that friend. even made some borders with pink cream. haha.
ehem. gotta keep it simple.

so here you go, a whatever cake for no reason at all i dont even have the heart to dig in.

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