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Sunday, October 23, 2011

a week after...

where? office pantry.
when? peanut butter cheese bday-cake day.

as told by someone who was there when they were cutting the cake..

anon: bestnye F (=Mr.Z)..saper wat ni?
akak kepoh Y: alaa ni g.f dia buaatt laa~
anon: laa ye ke F. ala aku ni selalu la last tau kapel2 ni ~
all happening while ade a few other ppl lg in teh pantry at that moment..

few minutes after i came in, and that was when i noticed Mr.Z acting all weird. the rest is history..

hmm..i did suspect mcm ade somebody provoke him in some way. before that he was ok jek. and well, why am i not suprised when it comes to who did. mmg jenis cakap ikut sedap mulut and tak fikir consequence kat org lain. mcm la aku tak penah kena before this.. x abes2.
ape masalah tah. cakap org lain 'uneducated' konon. she ought to check the mirror sometime.

naseb baek la aku bukan type yg suka nak confront2 org ni. *tp bukan tak pernah la ye..aku sendiri yg takut dgn diri sendiri nanti*

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