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Friday, October 28, 2011

red velvet cupcakes - 1st bday aliya batrisya

its a busy day!

fuuu..dgn keja kat opis yg suddenly buat kepala pening, i've commited to a few orders to be ready tomorrow, so as usual lah malam ni buat..non stop la keja ari ni dr kol 8am kat opis, balik 8.30pm pastu sambung lak wat kek sampai tgh mlm huhu..penat2. tp sbb dah berjanji kan.

so this one, is red velvet cupcake, 16 pcs. for a good friend's wife's sister's soon to turn 1y.o daughter, aliya batrisya. haha. kompius? hehe..that's the simplified version actually.
now i dont actually take orders for customized decorated cuppies, what i've posted on my FB are mainly cakes n cupcakes with monotone simple presentation. all the same look in one box. heh. never done birthdays or whatever.
but when they requested these, specificly with strawberries and some writings, i did posted some photos of cuppies with strawberries long-long time ago, x expect la plak ade or minat. cant say no though, tho i had to remind again that i dont do deco. simple2 boley lah ye.
btw serik dowh carik strawberries susah haha. dari carrefour to cold storage last2 beli kat MBG kat the curve. seb baek ade pheww..

so here goes, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

price: normal 16 pcs = rm30
(+rm3 for box with window, +rm5 for strawberries).

korang rase pricing ni caner? ok ke k.o?

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