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Sunday, October 30, 2011

reason no.10

ok i found reason no.10. my boss just turned from annoying to an assho*e. everything we've been told to do for the past week was crazy but no one's complaining cos, well we're kinda used to it. its what happenes at every project. only this time its even worse. but when he had to blame me, giving me very unproffesional remarks - via sms ok! for sthg that wasnt even my fault, but really due to his messed up planning - totally fail as a leader la ok, thats it. i just snapped. pppl wonder why i'm still here tho the work's not so good, the pay is jus so-so. well i'm here because i like the job enuff i outweigh everything else. but this time i really cant accept it. if its sthg i've done wrong then by all means yell all u want pon i wont feel this way lah. ok maybe i'd cry or be down or whatever but i wont feel this way! now for the first time ever i am serious2 thinking that its time to tender. in fact i want to tender a.s.a.p. if only i've got more cash in the bank, no car loan to pay, no balance amount to pay for my umrah etc..i seriously wud draft my tender letter now. but because of all that i cant. i need to find a new job first before i quit. i need the bonus first of all, ad the security of a new job. i was so down when this happened friday night that i cudnt think nor eat nor sleep but came yesterday it was just revenge. i got all fired up to commit to this one task and do even more that i usually did, went into the office in the morning, then later wet to baby alia's kenduri aqiqah and then later in the eve again went into the office untill midnight. i vow to go all the way to satisfy all these greedy mad people and never give them the chance to screw me. i'll savour that sweet revenge later. meanwhile i'll start looking and considering my options. target by feb, either before or after umrah. i know its difficult actually to find a place i will find equally interesting, but for the reason i'm doing this now, anything else wud seeminteresting. as long as at least pays me equal money, good medical benefits and good location.

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