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Monday, October 17, 2011

possible new project!

ok here's sthg exciting and less touchy finally :)) last night got an email from a friend(from school), asking me if i cud do her wedding hantaran cake. *gasp* uhuh..this is not the first time ekceli, i've had ppl asking me if i take orders before..i wud just say that i only do simple limited stuff, normally just for makan2, not for special occasions..sbbnye aku mmg x reti nak deco2, the part yg slightly difficult to self-teach did the same thing, told her she might wanna someone more pro doing i for her, even recommended someone, but she replied later insisting that she doesnt mind simple, minimalist design, as long as she gets delicious cakes. ehem, konfiden sgt tu x la, but i do hv few items i think are quite delicious hehe..kebetulan, i was just planning to make a wedding hantaran cake for my one n only uncle who's getting married next month. so i do hv some ideas in mine. no fondant, swirls and stuff but well, i got some ideas and back up plans. the options are now down to moist choc cake + red velvet cupcakes, as requested by the friend, probably will use cream cheese frosting on both. then for pak utih i'll make that red velvet cake, with cheese cake layered and cream cheese frost. excited to make these two projects happen. now i need to find a way how to combine a cake and cupcakes on one dulang hantaran. gotta find the friend a stand or sthg.  owh and the majlis nikah is actually next week, saturday morning. so uhuh not a lot of time to look around. wish me luck guys! i probably will have to think seriously abt taking some cake decoration class or sthg....p/s, my sunday yesterday finally ended nicely. watched the real steel which was very good! and also had supper at my fav. nasik lemak stall i've been craving for more than 2 months..all done with good friends who i know are more worthy and at least probably care more that the one i cried for. i shud make more efforts being happy with these ppl rather than expecting anything from some other ppl who probably never wud notice if i'm gone anyway. except, being happy is not sthg one cud try.. right?

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