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Monday, October 10, 2011

how to count menstrual length cycle in days.

warning: pls skip the entry if u are a guy. okeh? ok..dont get creepy by the question. kawan2ku esp yg dah kawen i'm sure korang know the exact answer, pls leave them in the mssg box ye. i'll see the doc in due time when suitable for further advise, but for now i am forcasting my cycle for the next couple of months..i always thot i'm a 28-days case, but when today for the first time i tried to actually use those online calculator, i got lost. suddenly am not sure how to count...if lets say, the 2nd last time was sept.3rd, then the last time was sept.29th - my cycle is 26 ke 27 ke 28days aah?hari datang period tu kira skali dak? aa. am trying to forcast for the next few months, of cos hoping that the cycle stays stable and consistent. so far biase consistent jek, except for skali dua yg ade lari2 sikit di masa2 tertekan. huhu. like i said, i'll go see the doc for advise, when the time is right tp rase cam kena monitor from now jek br senang nak bg info kat doc kan...HELP! pls. thanx :p  owh lg satu, anyone ade experience@info yg bleh dipercayai dan agak tepat regarding pil hormon to delay period, the mechanisme, the effects etc, pls share them as well ye. tq much2 :p

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hari 1st datang period to kira day one. pastu sampai la hari last before next period. normally 28 days. ada yg lari sikit , depends org.

By Anonymous yumyum, at October 10, 2011 at 7:10 PM  

ooooo naruhodo.
Aku always ingat aku 28 sbb aku kira skali hari dtg sampai hari dtg seterusnya..ermm, tp 26-28 lebey kurang je la ekk?
Thanx babe. Sungguh pantas skali hehe :p i know i cud count on mummies-friends here :p

By Blogger fhana, at October 10, 2011 at 7:44 PM  

aku lak lepas bersalin ni dah tak tau nak kira..masa b4 kawin tu, kekadang cantik je 28 hari..kekadang bila aku stress, jadi la panjang tak ingat..sometimes 35days..tapi normal tak silap aku antara 25-35..

By Blogger tUtyRAhiZa, at October 11, 2011 at 12:03 PM  

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