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Thursday, October 27, 2011


one, i dont know how to approach my current boss kecik - one of the very few 'difficult' bosses around here. two, which is caused by - i can already anticipate whole load of stress at work, mountains of never ending tasks, and no life for the next half a year or so. even worse when the boss is not the 'siling' type. owh i miss my old boss kecik! three, its not fun when i dont enjoy the work anymore. first time was fun, the 2nd time is cliche. four, not to mention the frustration of being under appreciated. it takes a hundred years to be promoted ad stuff. five, i need a significant monthly income raise if i were to buy a house and maitaining it all by myself, well since i'm gonna hv to pay for everything around the house from changing the light bulb to fixing the pipes. d.i.y never works. while still enjoying the things i love like eating n travelling. and living care-free. yep its come to a point where i relate 'happiness' in life with money. planning for those things i can buy since nothing can be done for the things that i cant.bitter? yep. seven, owh did i mention i kinda hate my boss n my work. tho i love my friends here? eight, last but not least, in fact the biggest reason of all, there's this guy i kinda hate but love all at the same time, causing me so much misery and tears. maybe if i dont hv to see him everyday it will all go away. i.m actually so desperate to get over it that i've actually stopped talking at all, ok me and my ego. causing myself even more misery. the heart kinda stops a few seconds at the mere sight or scent or thought of him. seriously gotta run away before i turn myself into a serial killer cum stalker!aah x suka!!!!!!good enuff excuses to update that outdated c.v already and get a new job? i cud use a new environment and meet new ppl anyway. ok thats nombor nine already..i only meed one more excuse to go.

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