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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wan nur alia, new flower girl :p

alia & mama ~

kerut2, maybe stress ngan sorg aunty yg x abes snap gamba. dahla tgh haus time ni :p


HALOOOO!!introducing wan nur alia, bundle of joy to my bestie, amal & hubs mr.k, also to many other aunties, auncles & neneks. klasik kan nama dia? if i hv a baby one day pon i'd love sthg yg sweet, simple n meaningful (with 'hana' in it :P). for myself, this little darling is now the latest edition to my flower girls@boys, kids of my very few sister-like besties. tho i love babies n kids in general in the first place, these few ones that i call flower girls@boys are different. its not just meet and greet like other new born babies, but its love at first sight. and i wud start missing them the moment i parted with them and their mommies *sigh* 

went to see this lil alia darling after work on monday, and almost wished i cud stay longer watching her sleep and cry. they say newborn babies cant really see anything yet, but check out the 2nd photo of her here, berkerut-kerut looking straight at me hehe..looking at this picture just make the heart warm n fuzzy again :p

i dunno how i cud be of much help, but alia shud be prepared to have aunty farah poking around while she sleeps and crye and bf'ed once in a while. now that rumah my mak n bapak angkat@paya jaras will be a place i cud to go on my quiet boring days :p  

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