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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sleep deprivation..

 ..i still havent got around to take that one day leave-or maybe half day at least to pay the dentist another visit. really should apply for a leave for next monday or tuesday. monday or tuesday since the only take walk in normal cases on those days. decided not to gamble going to the private clinic since its unclear how many times of treatment are required, which means they cud be costly. huhu..i havee stopped making suc a big fuss over it, stopped whining to ppl abt it, but actually for the past week almost everytime i'm in bed trying to sleep, the throbbin pain wud come. its almost like magic. like it knows, ok she wants to sleep now, lets bug her!! i've been on the painkillers almost everynight, most of the time dozing of in an angle position, cannot lay down like normal. am beginning to feel like the painkillers effect is subsiding..there are time i wud end up crying while trying to sleep, feelin hopeless and cudnt do anything. like last night la, cud only managed to edit one picture if alia and then i just lost it.

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