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Thursday, September 22, 2011

baby boom!

one of my bosses just had a baby girl.err..or his wife did. a girl finally after 2 boys.
so since monday i've been arranging for a small group of colleagues to go to his house to visit.
aku mmg suka visit kawan2 lps deliver. or mmg suka gi tgk newborn baby actually:p
tp ni boss, seganla nak gi sesorg carik gang la.

so today berjaya sampai rumah dlm 6.15pm gitu. seb baek tak sangkut lama kat glenmarie pastu xde jam mane2.

owh my baby sgt cute!!!!! hmm..too bad i bawak kamera tanpa cf card! urghhhh x dpt nak shoot gambar baby comel. cuma dpt snap a few pakai hp jek.

walaupon aku rase semua baby pon comel tak kira la dia kecik ke besar ke boy ke girl ke putih ke tak baper putih yg ni mmg kategori 'really' comel :p
lecik comel lak tuuu..pegang dia penuh sebelah tgn jek huhu..owh aku mmg xde prob pegang newborn baby. dah biase. adik, sepupu sepapat ramai kecik2 lagi. haha.

time nak balik when i thot no one was looking i kissed the baby like 10times and secretly prayed i cud take her home :((

soklan cliche yg aku selalu dapat biler aku ckp aku nak baby - dah ready ke?
its an easy question with a very complicated answer.

i think i am. i mean, maybe age does not tell whether i'm ready or not. but i know i am. i believe it is sthg that does come with age anyway, it wasnt sthg that i want 10 years ago while i was studying maybe. but it is now. and wudnt it be difficult to only want one another 10 years from now? cos even tho i dont mind adopting, it wud be great to have one of my own blood.
its one of those things we cant say we're 100% ready for, but sthg that comes with responsibilites and sacrifices - that once we have it, we have to do it and pray for the best guide from above.

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