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Thursday, July 7, 2011


i hate my weekdays now..weekends too sometimes, but weekdays the worst. most of the time it feels awfully silent and cold...most of the time i drag going back home straight home, knowing i'd feel down trying to figure out what to have for dinner and stuff..its been forever since i hv that heart to cook for myself, cos when i do i'd end up cooking a whole lot with no one to eat ad then i'll feel down abt that..i do go out for dinner with hsemate smtimes when our time overlapped, and we both feel like it but honestly once i'm home most of the time the system just slows down on me..there were times when i try reminiscing old times by asking that dude out for casual dinner after work, but after a couple of times of 'no', think i got the hint. i know my timing alwayS sucks, as i always make it random. yelah if i really make a plan & ask him ahead of time then it wud be too serious la kan? and to hv him asking me instead, probably will never happen laa. these days it always come down to forcing myself to go to bed early to shut the hunger off( ..and the yearn for companions?),wishing that the morning comes around faster. sleeping too much, and not doing anything productive is definetely not good not only for the body, also for the heart.....So whats for dinner tonite? maybe another good night sleep.

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aku pon penah experience the same. tp baai aku ajak lunch. tk slalu tk kene masa. cisssssssss!!! pehtu malu sendiri. pehtu pehtu... argh!!! mou! shiran!!! akirameta! otoko nante iranai!!! shineee!!

By Anonymous didie, at July 8, 2011 at 9:19 PM  

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