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Monday, July 11, 2011

deep 10 hours of sleep..again cos i was too lazy to eat.

aa..last month short lg seminggu dah dtg, this month dah 30 hari x dtg2 plak! siap mimpi2 mlm td cuma yg pelik lam mimpi tu dia x dtg sbb aku dah kawen, so mcm 'big news' la kan..dlm mimpi siap jln2 ngan laki gi pasar mlm, cr belimbing buloh, ngidam nye pasal. owh tp x nampak plak muka laki aku tu..haha..ok, so scientifically this is pms getting to me. emotionally, ni sbb these last week or so i've been surrounded by pregnant ladies, new mothers, trying-to-get-pregnant-ladies..and most of all, cute kids! aa stress2..if there is one thing in life i want but cannot have, this cud be it :-(

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