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Friday, July 1, 2011

change of plan!

-front cover-

-the back cover- much of going to the shop to print and then having the day for myself..
ended up spending hours touching up the layouts, sedar2 its already evening..going now means possible traffic jam on the way back. i cud go straight to the curve after that for the movie tp cam x best lak gi sesorg, nanti balik abes movie tah pukul bape. movie at 11pm kompemla 2-3 pagi baru nak balik..

ermm...guess terpakse la gi esok lps paintball. adoii bestnye busuk2 pas main paintball tuh nanti...
padan muka x siapkan awal2 the layouts..

nway, here are some of them..just simple stuff for a start. hope they turn out nice on the album :p

5:10 PM

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