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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

why women cry more than men?

cry: verb to bawl,blubber,boohoo, howl,shed tears,lament, sob,whine,wail, weep.

tears serve 3 purposes for help clean the eye surface; to excrete stress chemicals from the body;and as visual distress signal in a highly emotional situation.
tears are formed by a gland above the eye and are removed by two ducts in the inner corner of the eye that empty into the nasal cavity.
in emotional or distressing circumstances, the excess tears that cant be drained quickly enough by the tear ducts will roll down the cheeks...crying begin at birth and it's prime purpose is to stimulate loving and protective feelings in adults.

so why women cry more than men?

crying is a way for a baby to get what it wants, and as adults, this behaviour is perpetuated by some women.
for men, crying in public would make him look week in others' eyes and this would encourage others to attack.for women however, to show emotion to others is seen as a sign of trust.

Anyway..apparantly crying has 3 different purpose:
1) as an eyewash!
crying serves to remove salt and other impurities from the eye. tears also contain an enzyme called lysozyme that kills bacteria and prevent eye infection!!

2) as a stress reducer ~
stress tears-those that roll down the cheek, contain different protein from those for eye cleansing.
*like seriously?*
this is why women say they feel better after 'a good cry', even when there appear to be no good reason for crying.
tears also contain endorphins, one of body's natural painkillers, which acts as a damper to emotional pain.

3) as an emotional signal
tears act as a visual signal asking others to hug and comfort the weeper and they encourage the production of the hormone oxytocin, the hormone that makes a person desire to be touched and cuddled by another person.

*from the book, why men lie and women cry by Allan+Barbara Pease*

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