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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pantry talk

perbualan kat pantry lps makan nasi lemak for breakfast - bye2 diet. ini bahana bila dinner smlm cuma makan tosei sebelum maghrib, konon light dan sihat. tp pastu lapar tgh malam sampai xleh tido sapai 3pagi....anyway, in the pantry, between me and two chinese guys.....
A: ey why r u wearing a ring aa?
me: aa y? cannot meh? <--ckp ngan bebudak cina otomatik slang jadik lain haha~
K: wudnt that fend off potential candidates? or is that the point?
tergelak besar terus kat situ. dan dgn penuh taktikalnye blaa from the pantry.
these fingers had been free for 29 years, did it make any difference all these years? nope. so maybe what i'm trying to do is taking a break from this game of searching and waiting. ever heard of cases where couples who have problems getting pregnant, after trying all treaments and methods possible, some decide to stop focusing on trying to conceive but to just go with the flow and enjoy what they have that's no less important - love of and for each other. amazing stories where when some suprisingly conceive naturally after taking that break. well stress is maybe the culprit half the time. maybe thats what i.m trying to do, giving myself a break and enjoy what i have now-life and myself.

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teringat masa 1st year kat nihon..tetiba kawan sempai aku tanye aku dah kawin ke sbb aku pakai cincin..apa da..

By Blogger tUtyRAhiZa, at July 1, 2011 at 11:17 AM  

haha dakara. some ppl are still particular kot.

aku mmg suka pakai ring tp nye problem aku ni pelupa, suka tinggal barang merata...asek ilang jek.
tu tak berani nak beli cincin mahal lagi..itu mau nangis kalu ilang.
so test2 dulu la haha~

By Blogger fhana, at July 1, 2011 at 11:23 AM  

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