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Saturday, June 11, 2011


what bittersweet moments.
again witnessing a good friend tying the knot brought me almost to tears.
i did it with yam, then amal. then now with this bestfriend cum colleague cum adik.
maybe not in that particular order :p
not all people cud maybe understand why its very emotional for me, especially because he's a guy friend and i dont expect people to. maybe i dont even need to stress how blessed i feel to share the happy moment, which was why i was there right before it even started untill the end ( sambil selit2 shooting of cos) :p
i wud be weird to even try to justify it i guess.

but i was there today, and will be there tomorrow, a simple proof that the sentiment some people had is just not true.
(when a friend i had a crush got married last year, going to the wedding was not even a question~). sometimes when in doub,t i do wonder if what ppl thought had the slightest truth, and during those moments even i cudnt answer as heart is a complicated thing. we cud say one thing when the heart actually thought differently..
but going through these events finally gives at least myself the ultimate answer.

guess it is just too overwhelmin to take..and the thought of loosing a partner in crime who normally would be the one who gives me that slap in the face, or that kick in the but*.
but as time goes by, i'm sure we'll figure out the right way to stay in each other's life, the way me and my other friends still do.

now all who're close to me are married!
i dont hv a single bestfriend dahh..

it's official.
kareshi..nope, danna boshuuchuu yek! i'm in need of a cupid's charm :p

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